Health and Well-being for Creatives

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The creative industries are engaging, fun and diverse. Whether it’s the television industry, the music industry or the theatre industry, entertainment has played an important role in public morale. They provide an escape and bring a smile to many peoples faces. However, we often overlook the mental well-being of those working in the industry; those who provide the joy and light for their audiences.

The entertainment industry can be uncertain at times.  For example, many workers in the industry are self-employed and are signed to short contracts. This can result in lots of free time or looking for other work; which sometimes means doing jobs you don’t like in order to pay the bills. Actors are constantly auditioning and it can take 30-40 auditions before even landing one part. This constant rejection can wreck havoc with our self-esteem and productivity.

How can we protect our mental energy and remain positive between jobs?

Eat a balanced, healthy diet

 When we eat nutritious, whole foods we have more energy and feel more vibrant and motivated. Also, it’s important to take care of your skin, hair and nails. Eating well is a great way to beautify yourself from the inside out..


This is the easiest way to get yourself out of a rut. Exercise has proven to be brilliant for the mind and body. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. You could go for a long walk on a summers day or put on a home workout and do some yoga. 


Allow yourself some peace and relaxation in the morning to start your day right. Crank up some calming music, sit still and ponder in the present moment.Think about what you are grateful for and how your day will unfold. Showing gratitude for the things we already have allows more of them to enter your life.


Try to incorporate other passions into your life. If you don’t know what your other passions are, now is the time to find out. Sign up to a fitness class, try pottery painting, read a book or take a flower arranging course. You don’t have to be the best at your chosen hobby. Instead, focus on partaking in something which brings you happiness and joy.


 Ever heard of the law of attraction? The words you speak and the thoughts you think become your reality. Be careful with how you speak to yourself. Are you talking to yourself negatively? Are you putting yourself down? All too often, this can lead to a lack of motivation and unhappiness. Have a nice, hot bath. Stretch. Put on a face mask.