How to Optimize Social Media

Whether you are a singer, DJ, dancer, director, script writer or actor, social media is your best friend. With millions of people connected to social media platforms, it has never been easier to link up with other creatives, and as a result, the world has become a much smaller place. Now, finding people all over the world involved in your industry is as simple as searching for a simple hashtag.

So, with social media so prevalent in society, how can you use it to your advantage?

Hashtags – If you are wanting to be ‘discovered’ on social media, then hashtags are a great way to go. For instance, say you’re performing at a cool venue in London and you share a snap of the night, use #Londonartist or #Londongig to further your reach. This way, anyone looking at those particular hashtags will see your post. If you are a choreographer and you have your own dance school, consider using #northerndanceschool or #southernchoreographer to maximize reach to potential clients.

LinkedIn – Although not usually thought of as social media, this platform offers social networking on a highly professional scale. This is a great platform to showcase your credentials and experience in your chosen field. It is also a an awesome place to search for jobs.

Images and video – Time and time again, studies have shown that visuals perform better on social media in terms of engagement. This is more relevant for performers, but if you are promoting anything, be sure to use some form of imagery. 

Self-promotion – If you are an actor, post your head shots on your social media pages. If you are an artist, post your latest music video. If you are a film-maker, post your latest creation. Are you catching the theme here? There are potentially millions of people to target on social media and you just never know who could be watching. Showcase your best work for the best chance of being discovered online.

Direct Messaging – Practically all of the social media platforms include some form of direct messaging service. While it is a bad idea to send out non-personalized messages (some platforms will detect this as spam), it generally works well to reach out to others in the industry. Maybe you are a songwriter looking to sign a publishing deal. In this case, it would be a worthwhile to search for publishers and drop them a message with a link to your song. Or perhaps you want to learn how to improve your songs. In which case it would be beneficial to reach out to a prolific songwriter and ask for some tips. Of course, not everyone will respond. But if you make only one connection, you have moved forward with your goal.

Branding – Whatever it is that you do in the industry, it is vital to appear professional and put together. Having said that, remember that social media is a place which responds well to flawed, unpolished content. So try to mix it up from time to time. Generally though, it is good to have a brand logo, links to your website and some high-quality imagery to effectively to promote yourself.

Professionalism – An important thing to remember is that anything you post on the internet can be traced or recovered. Everyone makes mistakes, but try to keep in mind that you are leaving a digital footprint. If you wouldn’t say it to your Mum, don’t put it on the internet!

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