Alena Ciera – single feature

Alena Ciera track ‘Invincible’ was released 31st August 2020 by upcoming artist Alena Ciera. The track is vibrant, catchy and soulful but the lyrics are the real standout feature. ‘You are not alone, you’re in control, there is nothing you can’t handle’. With everything going on in the world right now, these lyrics seem very fitting. She’s right – there is nothing you can’t handle!

The bridge features a poignant and motivating speech made by Alena. ‘No matter what you look like or what race you are, things have changed. We have to be there for one another’. Making Miss Mogul believe very strongly in this message and it is great to see Alena using her voice for the greater good.

The mid-tempo track sounds fresh and current. The production is fairly minimal but Alena’s clean vocals and beautiful blended harmonies shine as a result.

Alena was born and raised in Maryland. She began playing the guitar at six years old and has never stopped playing since. In an interview with Chromatication Productions, Alena identifies staying true to yourself as an important factor for who she is as an artist. She has played at some fantastic venues and is even part of a band called 1IDentity.

Themes – Self-love, perseverance
Similar artists – Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas
Favourite lyric – Remember, that you are invincible.

You can follow Alena’s journey via her social media accounts…
Facebook @Alena Ciera
Instagram @Alena Ciera
YouTube @Alena Ciera

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