Grace Bland – single feature

The highly anticipated song ‘Human’ was released July 2020 by upcoming artist Grace Bland. The song’s lyrics are SO relatable…’And there were certain mirrors I’d avoid in school, I searched on my computer, “What it meant to be cool?”. Pick myself apart, just to be like them, but we’re all human’. The song depicts the pressures we place on ourselves to be ‘perfect’, but as Grace points out, we’re all just human and that’s perfectly okay! The last line ends with ‘I’m happy with the human in me’ – so we are taken on a journey towards self-love by the end of the song.

Grace’s vocals are delicate and angelic; and Matt Parisi’s sparse, organic production captures this beautifully. We can’t wait to hear more from Grace’s songbook!

Since the songs release, Human has featured on the editorial playlists New Pop UK, Fresh Finds: Pop and Easy, showcasing the best new talent to the playlist’s 380,000 followers. The song’s positive message of accepting the humanity in ourselves and disregarding impossible perfection has lead to significant radio interest from stations across the South of England. BBC Introducing Radio Solent named Bland’s track a Record of the Week and the single has been dubbed a Homegrown Hit by Voice FM.

In February 2020, Grace performed at Indigo at the O2 as a Grand Finalist in the Open Mic UK Competition. She was described as ‘a star in the making’ by the panel of industry judges, being for praised for her ‘bags of songwriting ability’ and ‘authentic’ performance. Since beginning to write her own music at age 11, Grace has performed across the UK, singing in festivals and A&R showcases as well as at private functions and events. She has also been a MAS Records artist since 2018.

Themes – Self-love, self-worth
Similar artists – Gabrielle Aplin, Maisie
Peters, Birdie
Favourite lyric – I analyse what I said,
find sanctuary in my bed.
Genres – Singer-Songwriter/Indie/

Social media @Graceblandmusic

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