How to beat the mid-year blues

Can you believe we are half way through 2021 already?! After what has been a turbulent year, many of us are starting to feel a little sluggish, a little overwhelmed and quite frankly, fatigued. They don’t call it the mid-year blues for nothing!

Here are some quick ways to combat the mid-year blues so that the next six months are your best yet…

Reset – In order to address our problems, we must first acknowledge them. Are you clocking in too many hours at work? Is that weekly fitness class too demanding? Whatever it may be, write it down. Once you have established the source of the problem, you can take the necessary steps to overcome it.

Back to basics – Our daily lives can really take a toll. Whether it’s work meetings or a friend’s birthday, there is always someone expecting something from us. Sometimes, it’s best to go back to the basics. This could mean focusing on family for a little while or engaging in a little self-care. Our mental and physical health is so important, yet we get so lost in daily stressors that we neglect our fundamental needs.

Rest – ‘Hustle culture’ remains a very real, prominent pressure in our lives. Take one look at Instagram and it seems there is always someone working harder than you, doing more gym sessions or eating at fancier restaurants. Whist hard work is encouraged, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your mental health. Learn when to rest, especially if you are experiencing mid-year burnout. If finances allow, book a spa day with friends or host a DIY spa day at your home. Read a book, take a walk or perhaps do a yoga class. If all else fails, have a nap because sleep solves everything, right?

Switch it up Life can feel a little monotonous at times. Why not change up your workspace or buy some fresh flowers for your window? You could even drive out of town and try a new restaurant. Incorporating something new and interesting into your daily routine (no matter how small) will transform the mundane, trivial parts of you day. Romanticize the simplest elements of your life!

Set goalsSix months have passed, but another six months are on the horizon. Now is a perfect time to set some new goals. Maybe you want to pass your driving test or join a sports club? There is no better time to set goals than the present.

Reinvent yourself – When we’re in a slump, it can be precipitated by feelings of stagnation. Dissect your wardrobe and give that old t-shirt you haven’t worn in a year to a charity shop. Get a tattoo (if you are old enough) or get a haircut you’ve never tried before. Sometimes we simply need to spruce things up a little in order to feel like ourselves again.

Finally, allow yourself to lean into however you are feeling. The mid-year blues are a real phenomenon. But with these tips, we hope getting through it will be a little easier.