Single feature – Raye Robinson

‘Daisies’ is an infectious earworm from the very first listen. Beginning with minimal production and Lily Allen-style vocals, the song quickly transcends into a belting, classic pop chorus. Beaming with sunshine and warmth, Raye’s personality immediately shines through. Right at the end of the song, Raye sings ‘do you love me, do you love me not?’ with such a playful innocence, that it contrasts so beautifully with the punchy vocals we hear prior.

Debut single “Daisies” is the first track off of her upcoming EP entitled Crushes & Love Songs. Unsurprisingly the song is a matter of the heart, narrating her unfortunate and confusing love situation. The songwriter confides, “I ended things with a guy that I was seeing because I was afraid to get into something serious. After we stopped seeing each other, though, I really missed the connection we had, and I couldn’t stop wondering ‘Does he miss me too? Does he hate me now? Did I make the right decision?’” Robinson explains this sparked her thinking about the “he loves me, he loves me not,” picking petals from flowers trope. She shares “I immediately loved using the word ‘daisies’ in the hook, and from there the rest of the song came together pretty quickly!” The accompanying music video, set in front of a pink backdrop, features Raye picking petals, one by one from a daisy, directly mirroring the lyrics from the song. If you’re searching for a fun, summer bop, this is the one for you.

Raye Robinson is an indie alt/pop artist based in Los Angeles. Through honest songwriting and relatable themes, the born and bred SoCal artist creates a fresh and intoxicating sound, emitting an innocence and dreaminess that whisks you away to a fantasy land. Having previously performed in bands, her time alone during the pandemic allowed the artist to dive into herself as well as her music and uncovered her love for taking creative control over her sound. Produced by Rob Auerbach, out of his DIY garage studio, Robinson’s upcoming music emits a spunky, fun, laidback and feel good vibe that keeps pulling you back for more.

Similar artists: Lily Allen, Billie Eilish, Sara Bareilles

Favourite lyric: ‘I didn’t know lonely until your lips left mine’

Themes: Feel-good, witty, vibrant, summer vibes