Our new YouTube show – Making Miss Mogul Presents…

Do you dream of being a creative? Whether that’s centre stage as an actor or musician, or backstage as a director or script writer, we want to help you gain the confidence and knowledge to progress in your career.

I’m Amy Jo. I’m 24. I study History and Politics with the Open University and I created the online magazine Making Miss Mogul. I have a unique interest in this topic because I am a songwriter and singer myself. I want to learn from inspiring people in the industry and share the skills I learn along the way with all of you. We are on this journey together!

Whilst the podcast is intended to be educational, I aim to provide tips and inspiration in a friendly, informal way.

Making Miss Mogul presents…will interview trailblazers in the arts industries to understand how they overcame such hurdles, how they got their ‘break’ and how they got started in their chosen career. Interviewees will range from television actors to scriptwriters, from songwriters to film directors and so much more.

Being a young female, I also want to focus on highlighting other females killing it in the industry. Growing up, I realised that there was a lack of guidance and support for young women interested in the arts. Gossip and beauty magazines dominated the stores and the arts magazines tended to adopt a more formal, adult approach. Don’t get me wrong, beauty magazines have their place, but not every woman wants to be inundated with beauty tips. I wanted to create a safe space which felt inviting and friendly; and appealed to women of all ages involved in the industry. Somewhere women can talk, make friends and help each other along in their careers. It’s the space I wish I had access to growing up. Having said that, the magazine and show will feature everyone and we welcome all into our community.

I hope after listening to our interviews that you fall in love with performing and creating. I hope that you walk away feeling inspired to produce something wonderful. But mostly, I hope that you start to believe in yourself.

My YouTube show will be as regular as possible, but we aim to provide quality over quantity.

Let us know in the comments below who you would like us to interview and which topics you would like us to tackle.

Amy Jo (MMM)