Our Ethos

Our aim is to help and support a community of women in the arts industry; whether that be in radio, music, television, film, theatre, photography and so on.

Amy Jo Clough, the founder of Making Miss Mogul says 'I realised growing up that there was a lack of guidance and support for young women interested in the arts. ‘Gossip and beauty magazines dominated the stores and the arts magazines tended to adopt a more formal, adult approach. Don't get me wrong, beauty magazines definitely have their place, but not every women wants to be inundated with beauty tips. I wanted to create a magazine which felt inviting and friendly; and appealed to women of all ages involved in the industry. Somewhere women can talk, make friends and help each other along in their careers. Its the magazine I wish I had growing up. Having said that, although the magazine showcases women for their work in the industry, anybody is welcome into this community. 

In the past, women have been grossly underrepresented in many aspects of the arts industry; especially in backstage work. Yet, in recent times, women are being increasingly represented in the industry and more and more women are thriving in the arts. This is something to be celebrated!!

Making Miss Mogul believe that doing what you love everyday makes you a 'Mogul'. Creating art which inspires you makes you a 'Mogul'. Helping other people along the journey makes you a 'Mogul'. We hope you gain the confidence you need to further your passions.